Putting Customers at the Center of All We Do

What does it mean to live our mission “to be a world-class, customer-centric, service company”? At Otis, we believe it starts by listening to what matters most to our customers, understanding what they want, and delivering what they need.

As a customer and partner, you rely on equipment that will move people safely and efficiently, with the least amount of downtime. We know that each person and property is unique, and as a service provider, we must be creative and flexible to provide you with the right solutions for your property.

At Otis, we are on a journey to better understand your needs and meet your unique expectations.

As a Marketing Manager, one of my favorite projects was to lead a Customer Experience Program that shared valuable insights and innovative recommendations with our customer service & finance team. Gathering this insight is invaluable; what we do with it is what really makes the Otis difference.

With their feedback, we were able to demonstrate changes that were implemented for their benefit and all Otis customers. Most notably, the Finance team revamped our invoicing to include online pay, an enhanced invoice numbering system, and remittance coupons. With this input the Customer Experience team in collaboration with IT also designed and launched, Otis Note, providing instant text updates on open service calls.

This is only the beginning, but I’m confident you have experienced a clear difference in your Signature Service maintenance program.

With Signature Service customers have access to specialized mechanics, real-time and virtual troubleshooting, personalized communications, and 24/7 support - all customized to fit your specific needs. Our connected Internet of Things solution, Otis ONE™, powers predictive maintenance that addresses issues before they occur, providing more uptime, faster service, and a better rider experience.

In this ongoing series, we will highlight Signature Service maintenance updates and how Otis differentiators such as field specialization, Otis ONE™, and communications put you at the center of all we do.


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