The importance of elevator maintenance


The importance of elevator maintenance

The proper operation of elevators requires both preventative maintenance and corrective repairs. These activities help maintain the safe operation of your equipment for the riding public along with protecting your investment by ensuring it is functioning properly throughout its lifespan.

Preventative maintenance typically includes services such as component adjustments, oil changes, equipment cleaning and parts replacement. These procedures increase elevator uptime and extend the life of your equipment. 

Various levels of maintenance and parts replacement coverage are available from most service providers. These scope options are offered so that you may select the right fit for your equipment type, building needs and budget.

When selecting an elevator maintenance provider, it is critical to select a reliable company that’s capable of maintaining and repairing the type of equipment installed in your building. While preventative maintenance is foundational, it’s also critical that the provider maintains the right supply of components for your equipment for any necessary repairs. 

Let Otis take care of your equipment

Otis is an elevator maintenance company that offers a standardized maintenance management system that includes preventative services, making the company a market leader in the elevator industry. In addition, the Otis Customer Service Center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with experienced representatives available and ready to assist with any need.

Otis performs equipment maintenance in accordance with a plan based on the latest Code standards, elevator inspections, mechanic expertise and equipment data to customize the right fit for your building. Your Otis team reviews your elevator maintenance plan on a regular basis and makes changes when new information becomes available.

In addition, Otis leverages insights from elevators around the world using our signature maintenance management system, including the Otis ONE™, our digital platform solution, so that the specialized teams of technicians can perform the right maintenance at the right time and provide increased availability of your elevator.

Stocking national and local parts inventory enables us to reduce your elevator’s downtime through efficient delivery. Otis supplies spare parts for prompt replacement in the event of equipment failure or as the parts reach the end of their useful life, whether Otis or
non-Otis equipment.

Maintenance is a key feature in ensuring that every single elevator runs smoothly and seamlessly. Otis is committed to providing the best service and maintenance procedures for elevator owners, users and technicians. Our team has been highly trained to provide the ultimate solution to every single issue and to follow strict safety and quality standards. We have always kept safety as one of our top priorities, whether it’s for our users, owners or employees. Let us help you develop an elevator plan that is right for you. 

If you want to be prepared for your next elevator safety test, we invite you to download our latest eBook: Elevator Safety Test Guide.