What is an elevator maintenance plan?


What is an elevator maintenance plan, and why do I need it?

Elevators in both residential and commercial structures require ongoing preventative maintenance to perform safely and effectively. Having a maintenance plan in place may help reduce unexpected interruptions in service, thereby improving passenger experience and tenant satisfaction.

What should you expect to see in your elevator maintenance plan?

Maintenance plans include two major components: the scope of maintenance to be performed, and the level of parts coverage desired. These two factors, plus the type of equipment and length of contract, are the primary considerations in determining the price of the maintenance plan.

A few common items you may see in a maintenance plan are:

  • Routine maintenance coverage
  • Parts covered
  • Times of normal working hours
  • Communication options
  • Customer support contacts
  • Clarifications/exclusions, insurance
  • Building responsibilities
  • Elevator service provider responsibilities
  • Environmental and safety expectations and practices
  • Term, price and any price adjustment(s)
  • Billing details and tax status

Five key factors to consider when hiring a maintenance company:

  1. Choose an organization with a solid reputation and trustworthiness in the market when employing personnel responsible for your elevator's operational requirements.

  2. Be aware of who monitors the elevator emergency phone and if there are additional charges for this service.

  3. Check that the dispatch service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After all, an elevator malfunction might occur at any time and you want to know who to call if it happens after hours, on a weekend or on a holiday.

  4. Inquire about parts inventory and location. When a component has to be changed, the ideal scenario is that the service provider has what’s necessary for your type of equipment and it’s available when you need it, within the least amount of time.

  5. Consider what kind of support package is ideal for you. Choose a company that caters to the unique demands of your building, and offers a variety of maintenance contracts and solutions that make the most sense for your needs and budget.

Maintenance plans are fundamental in ensuring a safe and effective operation of every single elevator installed. Our team at Otis is committed to providing the best possible service and maintenance procedures, with highly trained technicians, technological tools and strict protocols. We have always kept safety as one of our top priorities, whether it’s for our users, owners or employees.

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